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  • TNVR and UDL

  • UK Drive Systems can supply the range of TNVR Worm Geared Motors and Worm Gear Units.  We also supply UDL Series Stepless Speed Variator.

    We specialise in the supply of Tongyu products. We also repair Tongyu gearboxes and gearmotors at our Midlands repair workshop.

    These include:

    TNRV series worm reducers

    UDL series stepless speed variators

    VF series worm gear units,helical gear reducer

    TKM/TKB series helical-hypoid gearboxes

    TRC series helical gearboxes

    TR series helical gearboxes

    TK series helical-bevel gearboxes,TS series helical-worm gearboxes

    TF series parallel shaft helical gearboxes

    WK series helical gearboxes.


    Let us know what you need - repair or replacement.

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  • TNRV worm geared motors and worm gear units

    TNRV series worm gear speed reducer is a new generation of product developed to perfect the WJ series with advanced technology. The main features are:

    • High-quality aluminium alloy, light-weight and non-rusting.
    • Large output torque
    • Smooth running with low noise
    • Dependable running in harse environments
    • High radiating efficiency
    • Durable, with a small footprint
    • Suitable for omnibearing installation

    More specication information:

    Die-cast alluminium alloy housing (frame size: 025 to 090)

  • UDL Series Stepless Speed Variator

    Using advanced design technology, the main characteristics are:

    • High-speed regulating precision: 0.5 - 1 rotation
    • Large speed-changing range: 1:1.4 to 1:7
    • Strong construction with long service life
    • Easy speed regulation
    • Continuous running, smooth, stable, low-noise
    • Designed to operate in any environment
    • Compact size
    • High-quality aluminium alloy construction
    • Can be used with other speed reducers
    • Widely used across many industries