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    UK Drive Systems has a long history in power drive repairs and our services are well-known for their reliability, effectiveness and affordability. At our repair centre we specialize in repairing, reworking, testing and inspection of AC and DC motors, gearmotors, gearboxes and controls to meet the needs of our valued clients.
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  • UK Drive Systems repair and test all brands and types of gearmotors including: Precision, Indexing, Parallel, In-Line, Shaft Mount, Planetary, Bevel, Cycloid, Helical, Harmonic, Spur, Worm and supply obscure transmission and drive elements.

    UK Drive Systems handle electrical and mechanical repairs and warranty work for a number of manufacturers at sensible hourly rates, all with a performance guarantee. Many German, Italian, US, Japanese and other foreign manufacturers are included in those products for which we have responsibility, training and warranty parts.

  • UK Drive Systems are able to undertake retrofits, modifications, applications diagnosis as well as configuring complete mechanical, electrical and electronic drive packages.


    UK Drive Systems offer fast quotes and fast turnarounds including work at unusual times.

    We quote all electrical and mechanical repairs and warranty work at sensible hourly rates.

    All repair work carries a performance guarantee.

  • Contact us for DC motor brush replacement service, motor rewinding service and AC or DC motor replacement service.  

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    Alternatively, us know the details of the motor you need repairing and replacing.