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  • Industrial motors repaired or replaced

  • Faulty industrial motor? Do you need some advice about repair or replacement? With over 30 years experience repairing electric motors, gearmotors, gearboxes and controls, UK Drive Systems can provide you with expert support and useful advice.

    UK Drive Systems supply electric AC and DC motors for most industrial applications. We source from directly from UK and European manufacturers to get you the correct motor at the best price.

    If you have a motor breakdown holding up production give us a call on 07825 994946 or 01785 660759​​.

    If you need a quick quote click the link and tell us what you need. We will get on the case and call you back with a price and lead time.

  • Motor breakdown. Do you need an urgent replcement?

    All types of motors, including ATEX flameproof, in stock, click for next day delivery.

    Call 07825 994946 / 01785 660759 or 

  • UK Drive Systems have a repair centre in Stafford and we can advise if it is economical to repair or replace.
    ​We fix and test run to manufacturer specifications.
    ​If you have an old or obsolete AC or DC motor, gearmotor or gearbox that has failed give us a call. We can usually find a replacement that will fit OK.

  • Industrial electric motors supplied by UK Drive Systems:-:

    Three-phase AC motors  - synchronous, asynchronous and induction motors. The majority of industrial AC motors in use are three-phase induction because of reliability and low-cost.

    DC motors convert direct current electric energy into mechanicl energy.DC motors come in two flavours - brushed and brushless.

    Building a modern AC electric motor based on the the original design by Tesla . Each stage of the motor build is explained and demonstrated.