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  • UK Drive Sytems supply and repair electric motors for Hazardous Environments and special applications. With over 30 years experience repairing electric motors, gearmotors, gearboxes and controls, UK Drive Systems can provide you with expert support and useful advice.

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  • UNIVERSAL Flameproof Motors - ready for Next Day delivery

  • In Stock


    In Stock

  • 0.18kW - 200kW in stock.

    • 2 pole 3000 rpm
    • 4 pole 1500 rpm
    • 6 pole 1000 rpm
    • 8 pole 750 rpm

    All frame sizes available.

    ATEX Exd Zone 1 and Extd Zone 21

    IP65 Gas and Dust Flameproof

  • EUROMOTORI Explosion Proof motors 

    MAK  IIB and IIC ATEX - T3 T4 T5 and T6 II2G, II 2D and II 2GD.

    - 3 phase from frame size 56 to 160
    - 1 phase from frame size 56 to 160 - permanent capacitor or cap
       start / cap run
    - 2 speed motors from frame size 63 to 160

  • ATEX (MAK) Series Motors

    Double speed
    Brake motors
    Motors for inverter duty
    Torque motors
    Forced ventilation motors
    Eff 1 Motors
    Motors for ambient from -55C to + 60C
    Specials executions

    Mono-Phase Asynchronous Motors

    High starting torque
    Brake Motors

    Three-Phase Asynchronous Motors

    Double Speed
    Brake Motors
    Motors for inverter duty
    Torque motors
    Motors with forced ventilation
    Special executions
    High temperatures motors

  • Other manufacturers of hazardous environment, explosion proof and flameproof motors include WEG, SEW, ELECTRO ADDA and BALDOR

  • WEG flameproof industrial motor is designed for use in oil and gas processing, chemical manufacturing and other hazardous areas that are common throughout the process industries.