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  • External Rotor Motors

  • XRM and 90 Range Motors have a specialised application; they are used in Warm Air Curtain Units such as Over Door Heaters.
    They are single phase units which drive narrow long cross flow wheels, generally 80mm, 100mm or 120mm blade diameter and range in length anywhere from 200mm up to over 1000mm.

    The standard models are a PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) style motor offering around 40-50% power efficiency, at a cost effective price. Whilst we do also now stock an EC (Electronically commutated) model too, which is over 65% efficient.

    The two designs we have differ with our XRM models being of an external rotor motor design where the motor body turns along with the motor shaft. The other design is our 90 range which is a more traditional fixed position motor body where all moving parts are internal to the casing.


    For more information and specifications see Catalogue.

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