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  • Industrial AC Motors - NEXT DAY Delivery

    When you need an urgent replacement motor we can supply from stock for next day delivery, guaranteed.

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  • These A.C. Industrial Electric Motors

           are in stock and ready for next day delivery:

    • Three Phase Motors – Cast Iron Frame
    • Three Phase Motors – Aluminium Frame
    • Three Phase Brake Motor
    • Single Phase Motors
    • ATEX Flameproof Motors

    If you have a motor breakdown and need an urgent replacement industrial electric motor we can supply the exact quality industrial motor you need.  

    Call 07825 994946 or ​01785 660759

    Order by 2PM to get next day delivery - direct from the factory.

    ATEX EXD UMEB motor in stock now.

  • Aluminium Frame IE3


    In Stock

    Cast Iron Frame IE3


    In Stock

    Single Phase Perm Cap


    In Stock

  • Three Phase Brake


    In Stock

    Single Phase Cap/Cap


    In Stock

    ATEX Motor


    In Stock

  • Electric motors for industrial drive applications.

    We can supply every type of A.C. electric motor including:

    NEMA frame, Slip Ring, High Voltage, ATEX Ex Gas and Dust Motors, Two Speed, Drip Proof, Marine Motors, Coolant Pumps and all types of Special Motors.

    We have Single Phase 230v and 110v motors in stock.

  • Call us FIRST when you need a replacement AC motor - FAST!

    We will provide an exact match to your existing motor size from 56 frame to 200 frame.

    All in stock and ready for next day delivery:-

    • IE2 & IE3 Three Phase Aluminium Multi-Mount Motors 2, 4, 6 and 8 Pole
    • IE2 & IE3 Three Phase Cast Iron Motors up to 200kW (European up to 315kW)
    • IE2 Progressive (High Output) Motors
    • Exd, Flameproof Motors Zone 1 & 21, II 2G Exd IIC T4
    • Three Phase Motors with D.C. Brake up to 4kW
    • Three Phase Motors with A.C. Brake 5.5kW and 7.5kW
    • 230v Single Phase, Perm Cap and Cap/Cap
    • 110v Single Phase Cap/Cap
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    We also supply USA imperial size motors and we will give you a price and lead time for a non-standard motor.

  • Call 07825 994946 or 01785 660759 for more information.