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  •                          AC Motors and Gearmotors

  • UK Drive Sytems supply and repair Industrial and small AC Motors and Gearmotors for many industrial applications.
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  • emod-motor


    • Energy saving motors IE4
    • Single phase motors
    • Three phase motors, IP55 + IP23
    • External rotor motors
    • Encapsulated motors IP67
    • Submersible motors IP68
    • Crane and hoist drive motors
    • Positioning drives
    • Variable speed polyphase motors
    • Marine motors
    • DC motors IP44 + IP23s
    • Reluctance motors
    • AC servomotors
    • Wound-rotor induction motors IP54
    • Water-cooled three phase motors
    • Flat motors
  • Zurrer

     Known for the manufacture of high precision gears with low backlash. AC and DC motors and servomotors form a large part of the product range including worm gears, spur-bevel gears, planetary gears. 

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    ZD motors are widely used for many types of industrial processes and are a first choice due to low price, good quality and exact replacement compatibility.

    The ZD motor range includes quality Brake Motors, DC Motors, Induction Motors, Reversible Motors, Speed Control Motors, Torque Motors, Right Angle Motors, Micro Motors, Brushless Motors, Pump Motors and Planetary Gear Motors.